Recent Projects

Carbon Neutral Commons (CNC)

With CNC I developed communications materials including a presentation to the 2015 Philippine Society of Agricultural Engineers Annual Exhibition, co-created pilot project plans for gassification of rice husk biomass with local communities, and represented CNC at the 2015 International New York Times Energy for Tomorrow conference in Paris, associated with COP21.

Canadian Business Ethics Research Network (CBERN) PhD Research Incubators

As part of my work with CBERN, and as a PhD researcher myself at the time, I developed an innovative program with the PhD Cluster to refine graduate research in this field across a diverse set of disciplines and cross-Canada institutions, involving senior and emerging academic, NGO, government, and business thought leaders.

Knowledge Mobilization for Social Impact

With my incredible team at the Canadian Business Ethics Research Network (CBERN), as Research and Outreach Coordinator I co-developed and delivered a rich and diverse engagement program on various topics in corporate social responsibility such as business and human rights and responsible investment.


Since 2007, CBERN, a 1500-strong cross-sector network of business, government, NGO, and academic professionals with an active interest in economic ethics, has:

  • created bridges between academic researchers and diverse audiences

  • hosted active national and international workshops to co-create new knowledge

  • secured substantial funding to support this cross-sector and cross-disciplinary work

  • created unique professional development opportunities for graduate students working with business, government and NGO organizations on ethics issues for real-world social and economic impact