Coaching Series

Typically, a Coach-Client series is 4-6 sessions, including our Discovery Session.

Your work as a client between sessions increases the value of our in-person time. This is true of all sorts of coaching. It was true when I was a young athlete in track and field training for the Canada Games, and it was true later when I became an athletics coach. The time you put in when no one is watching creates a foundation in personal experience that guidance from a coach won't replace.


My style of coaching is essentially about strengthening your relationship with yourself.

The experiments we co-create during each session let you get a feel for what it's like on the inside of the action. You get to know the change you want from actively doing the moves on your own -- not from reading a book, or listening to someone talk you through it.

To switch sports for a second: You have to pick up your oars and row. And yet, you're never alone in the boat. The fresh experiences that you bring back to our sessions, which we reflect on together, will greatly enhance your own learning journey and increase the value of your investment in yourself.

As in athletics, the Coach-Client relationship provides the focused environment in which to do the work, with the needed push of an external witness and voice that's both demanding and encouraging. But unlike athletics (or rowing, based on personal experience!), I believe strongly that clients often already know what they need to do to make progress. 

One basic principle of solutions-focused coaching, and the core of my approach to transformational coaching, is that small adjustments bring about big change. You really are closer than you think. Our coaching work will be highly individualized, even as it follows a reliable pattern of change. Our success will come from:

  • how clearly we focus on your current reality, including where you are, where you want to be, and your skills and strengths

  • how we prepare for moments when you are likely to get blown off course

  • how we build realistic small wins -- markers along the route to your desired future

Helping you navigate change in a deliberate way is my essential role in our Coach-Client relationship. To get a sense of what this transformation might look like, message me to find out more, or to book a free 45 minute Discovery Session.