You're closer than you think


Connect - You know yourself better than anyone else. It's my job to help you connect clearly with what is bringing you to coaching in the first place. I start with people where they are through questions and active listening.

Create awareness - We'll do a deep dive on your skills and strengths in the present and sketch a clear picture of your desired future. I'll help you to test your habits of belief about what seems possible. What is the difference between where you are and where you want to be?

Design actions - We'll explore change by co-designing actions to bring you closer to your desired future. What small steps will get you to where you want to go? We'll gain practical insight as you experiment with change.

Plan and set goals - What systems and structures need to be in place to support your success? How might you go off track, and what will you do if this happens? What are the tangible signs that will show that you've reached your goal? We'll enact a realistic plan aligned with your desired future.

Manage progress and accountability - As part of our Coach-Client Agreement, we'll set check-in points to assess when our coaching work is done. What self-coaching skills will you have developed? How will you continue this work?  


Grants strategy - Win grant competitions while staying true to your mandate. Build learning and development into your program budgets; go beyond activities and outputs. Develop creative partnerships to support your applications.

Meeting design - From crafting your invitation to setting up the room to following through with post-meeting action, make the most of your face-to-face and online time.

Network mapping and enhancement - Networks are an essential asset. Find out how rich you are. Expand your reach in fruitful directions.

Creative partnership development - Partnerships bring together different stakeholder groups, each with their own way of getting things done. Design your partnerships to harness that energy productively.

Action to impact mapping - Design evaluation and assessment to boost learning in your organization. Deliver information to funders in a way that increases your capacity at the same time. Make reporting work for you.

Do Something Different

You've read the books.

You've joined the conversation.

Now develop the personal and professional practice.

My experience, training, and insight will help you get there.

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